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Shandong Mingfeng Machinery Manufacture Co.,ltd. was established in 1990, specializing in the production of Sanye Roots Blowers and vacuum pumps. The company is located in Mingshui, the seat of Zhangqiu City Government known as "  Koizumi City  ". It is bordered by National Highway 309 in the south and Jiaoji Railway and Jiqing Expressway in the north .

Science and technology innovation is the driving force for enterprise development. The company has strong scientific research and development strength, formed a multi-level open technology development network centered on scientific research and development, and the project development department as the main body, and a scientific and technological chain integrating scientific research, education, training,and development. Process, based on a comprehensive quality assurance monitoring system , making the products at the advanced level of similar products, and passed the national ISO9001-2000 international quality management system certification .

The company 's product development uses advanced CAD / CAM technology to successfully simulate the operation of the Blower, effectively guarantee the meshing gap, and cooperate with digital display boring machines, CNC planers, CNC machine tools  , dynamic balancers and other advanced equipment to achieve The digital processing of Blower impellers, casings and wall panels has greatly improved the processing accuracy of key parts . This series of products has significant energy saving, high efficiency and low noise.

The company has established a marketing service system centering on provincial cities and major cities, focusing on prefecture-level cities, responding quickly to market information and user needs , providing customers with high-quality products and convenient pre-sale , middle-sale and after-sale services. , Truly reflects the " bright wind " to all users satisfied with the full range of full-value services.

For more than two decades, Mingfeng has won the trust of customers across the country with its strong technical and equipment strength, high-quality products and excellent service . Products have been widely used in chemical , fertilizer , cement , power , steel , foundry , aquaculture, sewage treatment, pneumatic conveying, milling, papermaking and other industries. 

The company adheres to the 16-character policy of "people-oriented, culture moulds soul, strong internal quality, and external image", and vigorously develops corporate culture. Facing the challenge of economic globalization, adhere to the development direction of " internationalization, science and technology, and industrialization", continue to innovate, vigorously introduce equipment, technology and outstanding personnel, and strive to build an international new manufacturing base, integrate resources, give play to advantages, and strive " Mingfeng" shapes well-known well-known enterprises .


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