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Roots blower pressure feed application

Roots blower pressure feed application

Technical Knowledge
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2016/09/07 11:13

Roots blowers have been widely used in different sectors such as sewage treatment, aquaculture, pneumatic conveying, cement, chemical, foundry and flour. The blower has a simple structure and convenient manufacturing, and is suitable for gas transmission and pressurization in low-pressure occasions. Blower applications are different in different fields. Specifically, there are the following aspects:
I. In terms of wastewater treatment, Roots blowers are mainly used for environmental protection engineering such as industrial wastewater and domestic wastewater to supply oxygen or use blowers to backwash filter materials, which is suitable for environmental engineering equipment industry.
2. Powder and granules are conveyed by using Roots blower to compress the air to convey the powders and granules to the place of use. The powders and granules that can be conveyed mainly include plastic particles, PU particles, flour, sand filter material and shells.
3. Roots blowers can also be used for air stirring in electroplating tanks. If the liquid in the electroplating tank is to be uniformly plated, it must be stirred by air blowers. This is mainly used in electroplating industry, electroplating machinery and equipment industry, printed circuit board industry and PCB factory.
24. Oxygen supplementation in aquaculture ponds. Professional aquaculture ponds must be supplemented with air in order to provide sufficient oxygen to the fish, so as not to cause unnecessary losses due to insufficient oxygen. At this time, oxygen can be delivered to the fish products through the operation of the blower.
Fifth, the incinerator supplies air. The combustion of the incinerator requires air supplement. When the combustion is reduced, black smoke will be generated due to insufficient air, which causes certain environmental problems. The Roots blower can supplement the incinerator with air to reduce the harm to the environment.